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beflow lab

get inspired and find what makes you flow


Flow happens when performing some activity you are fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.
Beflow it!

beflow method

The GrowFlow you Will Love

The strength and focal point of my coaching is ALIGNMENT.


Understanding yourself and then using this knowledge to consciously shape your life is the key to feeling fulfilled and entering into a state of flow.
be conscious. be mindful. beflow~


this is Ma in her work FLOW, guiding people on how to beflow, how to live out their passion and make it a mindset


Fall in love with your conscious choices, take responsibility for your systematic actions, and accept imperfect results. Follow the goal but focus on the path.  be consistent.  be the cause. beflow~

The most effective path to success, happiness, and fulfillment is identifying and developing your potential. Align your doings with your values and talents. be aligned. be authentic. beflow~

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Ma Flow

FLOW has always been present in my life. I was born like this... brimming with optimism, curiosity, and a natural inclination to seek and discover beauty, joy, and peace in the "small things" and then the "big ones" also unfolded well. It was an intuitive dance and I labeled it happiness. Others often suggested that making people happy should be my chosen profession.

I matured and started thinking about it in terms of ENERGY. I could sense its presence. It sparkled in me like electricity bringing strength and excitement.  People came for it, warmed themselves in it, grew in it, and it generously charged us all up. Sometimes those were long flowing moments, sometimes only sparks, but their presence could not have been denied.
Sometimes, those were long, continuous flows, while at other times, they appeared as fleeting sparks. Yet their presence could not have been denied.

I actively seek out this vibrant energy.
I love being in this fluid state.
It animates and empowers me. 
Now I've decided to share it with you and make it my PURPOSE.

let me guide you on how to beflow~ and make it a mindset!

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