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Self-leadership focused talent coach



I encourage you to find your unique way to grow the flow and become the CAUSE, not the effect in your life.


I believe that the more we invest in our mindset and potential, the more successful we can be in pursuit of professional and personal goals.

Why do it?

In the past, I was unconsciously letting my expertise evolve freely and thoughtlessly. 
As I matured over time and dug deeper, I found my focus and my flow.
Now I get to live out my passion and I’m inspired to help you live out yours.
Instead of going with the flow, I want to help you create your conscious FLOW.

Your Problems

Are you in a situation where:

  • you feel tired and stuck?

  • you want a career change?

  • You feel lost and low?

  • you don’t know what you want?

  • you don’t know how to get there?

  • you want to change your habits?

Ma Solutions

I can help you:

  • identify your potential

  • align your career with your talents

  • understand your values

  • harness opportunities

  • grow a self-leadership mindset

  • be on a continuous learning path

  • lead others with confidence

  • balance and align your team

Image by Martina Bombardieri

Create a

Ma Process

The WorkFlow You Will Love


Just Be

Let's meet on a free discovery call to see who we are and if we match


Be Curious

A creative phase. From a level of curiosity and openness, I invite you to be inspired and learn, to use various tools, ways of thinking, and techniques that help you work with yourself, with the change, and fuel your journey to your desired results.


Be Conscious

An audit and reflection phase aimed to build your self-awareness, discover your potential, and realize your needs and limitations. The end goal is to recognize and understand who you are.


Be the Cause

A change phase. I help you move on with consistent actions to rebuild a selected part of your life in order to find joy, meaning, and your conscious flow.

Ma Offer

scope I Check

30min I Free

Single session

scope I Clarify

60min I Depends

Weekly Session

scope I duration I price

Based on Package

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