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Project-based HR business partner

I support companies, teams, founders, and business owners in MANAGING PEOPLE.


My focus is on people as I believe they are what drives the PERFORMANCE.


I combine strong HR and PM expertise with a coaching toolkit aimed at conscious and aligned action.

Why me?

I am a dreamer at heart and an experienced professional at work.

I believe hard work and the spirit of freedom can go hand-in-hand.

I am convinced we can be both business-oriented and people-focused.

Your Problems

Do you struggle with:

  • huge work overload?

  • building your first team?

  • performance drop-down?

  • lack of HR processes?

  • projects that delay?

  • people that get stuck?

Ma Solutions

I can help:

  • audit your current HR setup

  • design your company structure

  • fine-tune your HR processes 

  • improve your communication

  • build teams that have a drive

  • manage people in projects

  • craft your company culture

  • strengthen your leadership skills 

  • grow the flow 

Litego drewna Tabela

Create a comfortable workflow

Ma Process

The WorkFlow You Will Love


Let's Check

Let's meet on a free discovery call to see who we are and if we match


Let's Create

A creative phase. I invite you to stay curious and open-minded and take time to learn, be inspired, and reflect. Then we'll refine and finalize an executable plan.


Let's Clarify

An audit phase. We'll connect a lot to understand as much as possible about your problems and expectations.


Let's Craft

A change phase. I help you execute consistent actions to implement the transformative solution.

Ma Offer

scope I Check

30min I Free

Single session

scope I Clarify

60 min I Depends

Contract Session

scope I duration I price
Based on Contract

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