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People and Project Manager 
Life and Talent Coach
Inspirer and Flow Lover
Founder of beflow method 
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Ma Focus

PEOPLE are at the core of all my professional undertakings.
I love seeing people excel and I’m driven to encourage and inspire others for the better.

My focus is on POTENTIAL and how to harness it. I see potential as a core resource, that everyone has and that supports our way to success.

When well recognized and managed, it leads to more conscious and aligned actions, it generates ENERGY that brings deeper engagement, focus, consistency, and high performance.

Exactly from this place, we all draw the feeling of fulfillment and overall life FLOW.


People and Project Manager

I am a people and project manager, I used to be more into projects, but now I focus heavily on people and this is the area that makes me flow

Ma Doings 


26 years of working with people

My professional experience includes 26 years of working with people - at the very beginning as a change agent, then as a functional manager, then for a long time, and until now as a project manager, as a people manager/HR partner, and finally a life and talent coach


dealing with everything that concerns people at work

I deal with everything that concerns people at work - from setting up human processes in the organization, through working with teams and leaders, to individual coaching focused on development and self-leadership.


supporting in change

I support organizations and teams that feel they got "stuck" in the current organizational setup and do not really know how to move forward, what change to implement and how


listening, observing, trying to understand

I listen to people, observe, and try to understand - I often work with entire teams, helping them regain freshness in their actions, motivation, and energy to work, but at most with leaders, managers, and company owners supporting them in their leadership


offering tailor-made people solutions

I translate the needs of people at work and the needs of the organization in the context of people into processes and structures, into the work rhythm, work style and culture - I do not implement ready-made standards, I create solutions tailored to the challenges of a specific organization


promoting self-leadership mindset

In terms of leadership, I focus on conscious self-management first and only then on leading others - I always start with "I" because I think it is healthy to first understand ourselves, our role in the organization, and then manage ourselves in a way that "attracts" others


staying people-focused and business-oriented

I place this softness, empathy and human-centered approach in the business context - I like to work on specifics (know the facts, have data, understand the goals, and follow the plan) - I am convinced that we can be both business-oriented and people-focused at work and that this model is the most effective today


introducing workFlow

Ultimately, everything in my work revolves around people, their awareness, growth and alignment, namely their WorkFlow

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