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Hello, my name is Magda Plewniak.
You can call me Ma.

I'm an HR business partner, project manager, and talent coach.

I guide people on how to beflow 

I inspire them to FIND what makes them FLOW and go for it. I encourage them to become the conscious CAUSE in their lives and make it a consistent approach, make it a mindset ...

beflow mindset


and make it a mindset


HR Business Partner

I work with teams and leaders in a project-based, business b2b setup.
I help you:

  • build an environment in which people grow and perform

  • setup HR processes and frameworks

  • add structure and clarity to your operations

  • recognize and develop the potential of your people

  • enhance a culture of conscious ownership

  • lead with confidence

  • grow the flow

Life and Talent Coach

I work with leaders, mentors, and individuals in a 1on1 coaching setup. 

I help you:

  • fulfill your role

  • recognize your potential 

  • positively impact your team

  • develop an authentic leadership style

  • step on an aligned, purposeful career path

  • build a self-leadership mindset

  • lead and live with purpose

  • grow the flow

beflow lab

Flow Spot

This is the fun spot, the free space, the place set up to inspire, to help us see beyond our current reality. I wanna play with flows here. Together, let's chase and create flows, inspire and get inspired by the idea of FLOW.


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She helped me eliminate "time lacking" and "work overwhelming" issues, and showed me the concept of less.
She is an excellent listener. 
She asks the right questions, letting me discover my answers.

Marta, virtual assistant

Conscious Values


Finding connection.
Exploring and reflecting on who we are. Accepting and valuing our potential.


Seeking wisdom. Staying curious and openminded to life and others. Ready to learn from every experience.


Chasing the idea of flow. Following freedom and abundance. Always eager to do more of what we love.

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